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30 May 2009

Online Manga and Ultimo

Manga Xanadu has a thoughtful piece on the increase in price of VIZ manga and how it will undoubtedly affect diehard manga readers. Two dollars doesn't seem like that much more for a single volume for manga, but considering that manga readers are more than likely able to read several volumes in a week, the price begins to have an effect. Hence, VIZ's choice to offer true, online, manga from a reputable publisher I think is an intelligent one. Their choice in doing this can trap readers into buying merchandise, print manga, and other merch that peeps wish to sell.

And what's the deal with the new Ultimo manga, via Stan Lee and the Shama King author? Is this just another manga-created-that-really-ought-to-be-in-another-medium (like superhero comic book or Saturday morning cartoon), or is it a legit manga?

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